Name Venezuela & Zimbabwe Currency Banknotes by Planet Banknote
Auctioneer Certified Rare Coin Auctions
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 9/19/2021 - 9/26/2021
Bidding Begins Sunday 9/19 @4:30pm ET Items Start Closing Wednesday 9/29/2021 @8pm ET
Preview Date/Time Online Only Auction Bidding Starts 9/19/2021 - Ends 09/29/2021 GREAT WHOLESALE OPPORTUNITY! High Grade PMG & PCGS Banknotes
Location Sarasota
Sarasota, FL 34231
Buyer Premium All Buyer's Pay 10% Buyer's Premium
Venezuela Bolivar & Zimbabwe Foreign Currency AUCTION! Hosted by CRCA & 1000 Piece Banknote Bricks! Something for Every Collector! Venezuela Bolívares NEW BANKNOTES Zimbabwe Trillion Series EXCELLENT WHOLESALE OPPORTUNITY! WE HAVE 1000 NOTE BRICKS FROM THE 2017 "WILDLIFE SERIES" ALL UNC. RARELY OFFERED!!! A MUST SEE EVENT! We are always accepting consignments! Contact Us. We have your needs Covered! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Always Transparent & Consistent! Quality products are one of our top priorities. Certified Rare Coin Auctions LLC & Planet Banknote works directly with consignors, mints and distributors. We inspect all new inventory carefully, ensuring that the products our customers receive are of the highest quality. Our commitment to you is to provide extraordinary service throughout your buying/bidding experience. We will work hard to assure your satisfaction in a timely, friendly, and professional manner. Never hesitate to get in touch - (888) 996-COIN. Building relationships with our clients is our number one priority.
Auction Terms & Conditions Certified Rare Coin Auctions LLC & Planet Banknote 10% BUYERS FEE **We do not Bid against online Bidders!** We are completely Transparent, Honest & Professional. Happy Bidding! Auction Terms and Conditions If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (888) 996-COIN (2646) or via e-mail: 1. CertifiedRareCoinAuctions, LLC. is a public auction and direct sale merchant of rare coins, bullion and other related products (hereafter referred to as "CertifiedRareCoinAuctions"). Bidding, purchasing and/or consigning items at CertifiedRareCoinAuctions constitutes acceptance by Registered User of all Terms and Conditions stated herein. This agreement is subject to Arbitration. 2. All certified coins have been graded and certified by one of the leading independent grading companies: PCGS, NGC or ANACS. Grading of rare coins is subjective and may differ among independent grading services and among numismatists, even though grading has a material effect on the value of the coins. CertifiedRareCoinAuctions is not responsible for the grades assigned and makes no warranty or representation regarding such grades. ALL AUCTION ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS. NO RETURNS ON AUCTION ITEMS DUE TO CONSIGNMENT POLICY. 3. Items are available for bid and for direct sale. All photographs posted on CertifiedRareCoinAuctions website ("Website") are of the actual items being sold but may not be the actual size or to scale. All photographs remain the property of CertifiedRareCoinAuctions and are usually available for publication when credit is given. All requests for using CertifiedRareCoinAuctions images should be sent via e-mail to CertifiedRareCoinAuctions reserves the right to withdraw any lot prior to the end of the auction, regardless of bids being received, although this very rarely occurs and is usually due to an error in the listing. In the event a lot is withdrawn, no bidder shall have any right to claim any consequential damages. In the sole discretion of CertifiedRareCoinAuctions, we reserve the right to delay the end time, suspend, postpone or cancel auctions or direct purchase items, without liability of any kind whatsoever to consignors or bidders, including if there is/was an error in the listing, whether made by CertifiedRareCoinAuctions or not. In most cases, CertifiedRareCoinAuctions will post notification of any such action on the Website as soon as reasonably feasible. For certain Buy Now items, of which multiple examples are available and noted in the listing, the photo is representative, and the certification number may vary, but will be identical in all other respects. 4. Reserves. CertifiedRareCoinAuctions does not offer coins with hidden reserves. All items offered have opening or minimum bids, which is the lowest amount acceptable to the consignor and/or CertifiedRareCoinAuctions. 5. Registration Process. A bidder must register and provide personal information to CertifiedRareCoinAuctions in order to bid and must be over 18 years of age. CertifiedRareCoinAuctions may refuse, reject or cancel any bid or purchase from any specific bidder without giving notice or reason to bidder. 6. Auctions – Bidding Process. You may bid any amount on any lot providing the bid is at least the next incremental bid displayed on the lot information page. Our website software will award the winning bidder at one bid increment above the second highest bidder, providing the minimum bid has been met. In the case of tied bids, preference will be given to the earlier bid received. Bids may not be canceled once they are placed. All bids must be placed at; if you are having difficulty in bidding, please telephone (888) 996-COIN (2646) or e-mail 7. Auction Winnings, Buy Now and Invoicing. Once you win an auction, the item will appear in your "Buyer Invoice" in My Account. At this time, you can add other items (Buy Now - Fixed Price items) or wait for additional auctions to end, or you can check out and pay for your invoice immediately. A Buyer's Fee of 15% (minimum $5, based on a per-lot basis) will be added to the winning bid. This fee is paid by all bidders, regardless of affiliation or status as a dealer. Fixed price listings do not attract a Buyers' Fee. 8. Payments by Bidder. We welcome payment by check, eCheck, money order, wire, Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (Credit Card/PayPal payments are limited for invoices under US$10,000 only). Payments are due within 3 days of the auction end or your commit to purchase using Buy Now. If you are unable to make payment within 3 days, please contact CertifiedRareCoinAuctions to try and make alternative arrangements. For new clients and/or large transactions, CertifiedRareCoinAuctions may request full or part payment by wire or hold shipments until payments can be verified. CertifiedRareCoinAuctions may also ask for industry and/or banking references. If CertifiedRareCoinAuctions cannot verify payment within seven days, CertifiedRareCoinAuctions reserves the right to cancel the transaction. 9. Non-Payment by Bidder. Bidders personally and unconditionally guarantee all payments that are or become owed to CertifiedRareCoinAuctions. In the event the Bidder/Buyer fails to make payment when due, CertifiedRareCoinAuctions reserves the right to rescind the sale or to resell the lots in another auction or private sale. Buyer agrees to pay for all costs associated with reselling the items, including the standard commission rates charged to Consignors by CertifiedRareCoinAuctions. Any shortfall will become immediately due to CertifiedRareCoinAuctions by Buyer, together with any attorney costs, collection fees and interest. Bidder grants CertifiedRareCoinAuctions the right to offset any sum due from any past, current, or future consignment or purchases that are in the possession or control of CertifiedRareCoinAuctions or any related company. All overdue invoices attract an interest charge of 1.5% per month until invoice is paid in full (unless this rate exceeds the maximum permissible by law, in which case any amount paid in excess will be applied to the principal). To the extent that the winning Bidder for any lot consists of more than one person or entity, each such person or entity is jointly and severally liable for all obligations of the Bidder, regardless of the title or capacity of such person or entity. There is a $30 fee for returned checks. CertifiedRareCoinAuctions reserves the right to assign its interest to any third party. 10. Shipping. Items will be shipped to the address on file, which you need to confirm when paying online after each invoice. CertifiedRareCoinAuctions ships using a variety of shipping companies based on insurance levels, cost and service, and in general, you will need to sign for your package. CertifiedRareCoinAuctions provides limited insurance coverage for loss, theft or damage of coins while in its possession and for shipments it makes to Bidder in an amount as determined by CertifiedRareCoinAuctions insurer. In the case of shipping auction and Buy Now purchases to Bidder, the insurance coverage will be for the full purchase price of the coin(s) listed on an official CertifiedRareCoinAuctions invoice. CertifiedRareCoinAuctions makes no warranty or representation regarding the adequacy of insurance coverage it provides which is solely as an accommodation to the parties. Any claim by Bidder for loss or damage (1) shall be limited to such insurance as is provided by CertifiedRareCoinAuctions, and (2) must be made in writing to CertifiedRareCoinAuctions no later than thirty (30) days from CertifiedRareCoinAuctions ship date. In the event of a claim, Bidder must comply with all insurance and U.S. Postal Service requirements. 12. Although owning inventory is not CertifiedRareCoinAuctions core business model, from time to time, we own coins or we own an economic interest in a consignment (e.g. we advanced the consignor payment prior to sale). We reserve the right to include in any auction or for direct sale coins or other items that we have an interest in, whether direct or indirect. 13. NO WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, IS MADE IN RESPECT TO ANY ITEM EXCEPT FOR WARRANTY OF TITLE. IN THE CASE OF TITLE, CertifiedRareCoinAuctions IS SELLING ONLY THAT RIGHT OR TITLE TO THE ITEM THAT THE CONSIGNOR MAY HAVE AS OF THE AUCTION SALE DATE. ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD "AS IS" AND WITH ALL FAULTS. PURCHASER HEREBY ASSUMES ALL RISKS CONCERNING AND RELATED TO THE GRADING, QUALITY, DESCRIPTION, CONDITION, AUTHENTICITY, AND PROVENANCE OF AN ITEM. 14. Member acknowledges that the rare coin market is speculative, volatile and unregulated, and that coin prices may rise or fall over time. CertifiedRareCoinAuctions does not offer investment advice and does not guarantee that items will be able to be sold for a profit in the future. 15. These Terms and Conditions of Sale and the auction shall be construed and enforced in accordance with and governed by, the laws of the State of Florida in Sarasota County. 16. CertifiedRareCoinAuctions reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. The current Terms and Conditions will always be posted online at 17. Bid Increment Rules From 0.00 To 50.00 Price Increment Gap will be 1.00 From 50.00 To 100.00 Price Increment Gap will be 2.00 From 100.00 To 250.00 Price Increment Gap will be 5.00 From 250.00 To 500.00 Price Increment Gap will be 10.00 From 500.00 To 1000.00 Price Increment Gap will be 25.00 From 1000.00 To 2500.00 Price Increment Gap will be 50.00 From 2500.00 To 5000.00 Price Increment Gap will be 100.00 From 5000.00 To 10000.00 Price Increment Gap will be 150.00 From 10000.00 To 25000.00 Price Increment Gap will be 300.00 From 25000.00 To 50000.00 Price Increment Gap will be 400.00 From 50000.00 To 100000.00 Price Increment Gap will be 1000.00 From 100000.00 To 500000.00 Price Increment Gap will be 5000.00 From 500000.00 To 2000000.00 Price Increment Gap will be 10000.00 --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

Seller User Terms

Bidder User Terms
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 10.00 0.01 USD
10.01 - 99.00 1.00 USD
99.01 - 199.00 2.00 USD
199.01 - 295.00 5.00 USD
295.01 - 490.00 10.00 USD
490.01 - 1,975.00 25.00 USD
1,975.01 - 9,950.00 50.00 USD
9,950.01 - 9,999,999.99 100.00 USD
Currency USD
Buyer Premium All Buyer's Pay 10% Buyer's Premium
Payment Terms
Check, Debit/Credit Cards, Wire Transfer, PayPal Wire Transfer Only for Purchases over $20,000 unless you contact us first to make other arrangements. or Call 888-996-COIN. We are glad to help with any Questions. CARDS ON FILE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE CHARGED FOR ORDERS UNLESS YOU CONTACT US BEFORE AUCTION ENDS. WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS! All Non Paying Bidders Will be Charged a $100 Restock Fee to Card on File.